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A Unique Process that Targets Your Unique Brain

No two brains are exactly alike; your brain’s electrical activity, brain waves, and thought patterns are unlike anyone else’s. What makes the MeRT process unique is that the treatment protocol is customized for each patient.

The results of the qEEG and EKG tell us what is functioning normally in your brain and show us any areas of dysregulation. We then use gentle magnetic waves to reprogram the dysfunctional electrical signals in your brain. Through TMS, we stimulate the exact area of your brain where communication is poor and increase activity in that area. This can help the brain learn pathways that have never been used or abandoned, or blocked by trauma.

MeRT is non-surgical, non-invasive, painless, and completely drug-free. You are comfortable throughout the procedure. In most cases, we can visibly eshape brainwave activity, regardless of what may have caused the disruption.

What we’ve learned is that everyone has a unique frequency or unique signature. All of us during our waking hours, we’re looking for something called an alpha frequency where our brain most comfortably operates in. It’s basically a cycle rate where we’re all somewhere between eight and 13 Hertz. And you might be, for example, an 11.4 Hertz brain. I might be an 8.9 Hertz brain. And somebody else may be a 10.3 Hertz brain. It’s just kind of where we’re born. But when we get these brain images, whether it’s through the physical trauma of a blast injury, or the chemical trauma of years of drug use, or the emotional trauma of seeing a loved one pass away, we may find areas of the brain that are not cycling at the same rate as the rest of our cortex.

“EEGs (electrical pictures of the brain) can tell us when there are abnormalities in neural networks. …We can look at these signals and find areas that are abnormal, [then we] use this FDA cleared technology, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, to navigate to the area that’s not working properly and try to stimulate it and remind it that it wants to fire at a certain frequency and a certain rate.”