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The Steps of MeRT Treatment: What to Expect

Starting as a new patient involves two appointments, each lasting about 45 minutes to an hour. Your first appointment is for testing, and your second appointment is for your consultation with our doctors. For patients who prefer to have their first and second appointments before deciding to move forward with treatment, we are happy to work with you on this.

Your MeRT treatment will involve the following steps:

After receiving your new patient paperwork, we will perform a qEEG (quantitative Electroencephalogram) and EKG. These tests are simple and painless: We place a cap on your head to measure the electrical activity in your brain and map out any areas which are not performing as they should. We also place a lead on your chest to capture the EKG data.

Once we’ve completed your initial tests, we send the data to our scientists and clinical teams. Where they carefully analyze the test results to identify any dysregulation occurring in your brain. Based on their analysis, we develop a treatment plan customized to your specific condition and schedule your assessment period of treatment.

Your second appointment, after your qEEG/EKG, is a consultation with the doctor. The doctor will answer any questions you may have and let you know more about what to expect during your assessment period of treatment. The doctor will also go over your medical history, along with symptoms.

After two weeks of treatment, we will perform an additional qEEG and EKG to track your progress and make any needed modifications. We also monitor your progress throughout your daily treatments to confirm how you feel and track any improvements.

After we complete the appropriate assessment period and you are noting improvements in brain function, we will schedule additional MeRT treatment in two-week intervals.
At the end of every two weeks, we will perform a qEEG/EKG to monitor your progress. You will then consult with the doctor to confirm that changes are still showing on the testing.

The assessment period of treatment lasts two weeks and begins on a Monday. Treatment for the first week occurs Monday through Friday. The second week of treatment occurs Monday through Thursday. We perform the repeat qEEG/EKG on Friday to measure progress.

If you are traveling from out of town, we aim to schedule your qEEG/EKG on a Friday, then your consultation and first treatment session for the following Monday.

Most conditions treated with MeRT provide noticeable and long-lasting results after four to eight weeks of treatment. However, each patient is different, and the results may vary.

Once your treatment protocols are in place, you will come to therapy five days a week, in two-week intervals. All you need to do is sit in a comfortable chair while a highly trained neuro-technician places a magnetic coil on your head. This device produces a low-frequency magnetic field to induce mild electrical signals in the targeted areas of the brain.

The stimulation occurs for six to eight seconds every minute. You will be required to close your eyes during that six-to-eight-second period. You will typically spend 30-45 minutes in the chair each day.

We can provide you with the appropriate paperwork at the end of your treatment. That way, you can submit the paperwork to your insurance company to see if they can provide you with any reimbursement.